Smiley Social Media London offering Training, Management and Consultancy

Here at Smiley Social Media London, we’re ready to help your company use social media and emerging digital technology to expand your reach and give your business a boost that it needs in competitive times.

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Without a solid strategy, social media marketing can be one massive ball of confusion. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs. They all COULD have a place in your marketing mix – but SHOULD they? We answer these questions and more.

How Smiley Social Media works

We work with organisations of all sizes, from Solopreneurs through to the biggies of business, take a look at some of our work here. Our quick and smart services offer the right mix that works for any organisation. We don’t give you standard prescription or a generic service. We give your business everything by understanding your whole organisation and where it is going.


The team at Smiley Social Media London are a bunch of social dervishes with solid backgrounds in business and commerce which give your the best chance of making your social media dazzle. And alongside our partners in the photography, video production, web design and development, and eCommerce areas, we are primed to offer you the fullest solution to get your business where it needs to be.

If you have questions about social media, how it works, what works for you and what might not. Whether you have the time and resoucres to do it yourself or you need a partner. We’ll shed some lighton that too. No Social network is off limits for us, but we know where your target market lives online and know how to get them to pay attention to your business, that’s is why we are good!

To have these questions answered, contact us here, we’d be happy to connect!